Documents and Resources

Link to Young Lords in Lincoln Park Collection, Grand Valley State University (Video Archive of Oral History Interviews):

Newspapers, Complete Issues (Click links to download PDFs):

Y.L.O. #1, March 1969: Y.L.O. #1

Y.L.O. #2, May 1969: Y.L.O. #2

Y.L.O. #4, Fall, 1969: Y.L.O. #4

Y.L.O. #5, January 1970: Y.L.O. #5

Y.L.O. #6, February/March 1970: Y.L.O. #6

Pitirre #7, Summer 1970: Pitirre #7

El Young Lord #1, April 1, 1971: El Young Lord #1

El Young Lord #2, April 15, 1971: El Young Lord #2

Palante, Vol 2, #2, May 8, 1970: Palante, May 8, 1969

Palante Vol 2, #3, May 22, 1970: Palante, May 22, 1970

Lincoln Park Press, Vol. 2, #2, March 1969: Lincoln Park Press Vol. 2, #2

Movement, Vol. 5, #4, May 1969: Movement, May 1969

Chicago Reader, Vol. 4, #18, February 7, 1975: Chicago Reader Vol 4 #18

Ramparts, October 1970: Ramparts, October 1970

Articles in Newspapers (Click links to download PDFs):

Image: Rainbow Coalition Alliance Announced, “Fascist Judge Refuses to Issue Warrant for the Murderer of Manuel Ramos,” “Pigs Bust Nine Young Patriots,” “Pig Daley to Destroy So Called Gangs,” “Eugene Oregon Deputy Minister of Information Busted,” “Fascist Pigs Shot in Seattle,” Pig Shoots Sister in Texas,” in The Black Panther, June 7, 1969: The Black Panther June 7, 1969 A

“Interview With Cha Cha Jimenez, Chairman–Young Lords Organization,” and “Cha Cha Jimenez Acciused of Kidnapping Own Child,” in The Black Panther, June 7, 1969: The Black Panther, June 7, 1969 B

“Cha Cha Busted – Charged With Burglary,” “Black Youth Murdered by Off Duty Pig,” and “The Ethiopian People, in The Black Panther, July 26, 1969: The Black Panther, July 16, 1969

“Panthers and Lords Serve the People,” “A Case for Community Control,” “Chicago: We Still Serve Free Breakfast for Children,” and “Mother and Children Burn to Death,” in The Black Panther, October 11, 1969: The Black Panther, October 11, 1969

“Young Lords Organization: Pigs Block Cha Cha Jiminez [sic],” Pigs Kill People,” “SDS: A Need for Revolutionary Line,” and “Illinois Chapter Free Medical Clinic,” in The Black Panther, October 18, 1969: The Black Panther, October 18, 1969

 Other Documents:

“Que Viva El Pueblo,” A Biographical History of Jose Cha Cha Jimenez, General Secretary of the Young Lords Organization: “Que Viva El Pueblo”

Lincoln Park Project #1, Department of Urban Renewal: Lincoln Park Project 1


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